E-commerce Business Development Training

Course outline of the training
  • Module-1 : An Overview of E-commerce; Traditional Business and E-business; Motivation for life and business success
  • Module-2 : Psychological aspects of entrepreneurship; Perception towards the new opportunities of business; Content in E-commerce; Proposition & Strategy
  • Module-3 : Business Model and Concept; Business Organogram and Management; Business Planning and Goal Setup
  • Module-4 : Investment and Budget; Effective leadership; Skills Development and Team Building; How to be a good human resource
  • Module-5 : Market analysis and Product Selection; Product Sourcing and Supply chain
  • Module-6 : Stock/Inventory Management; Up sell and Cross Sell; Smart Pricing and Quality Assurance; Service Selection and Development
  • Module-7 : Service Quality Assurance and Value Addition; E-commerce Technology; Domain-Hosting
  • Module-8 : Basic features of E-commerce Website; Advance Features of E-commerce Website; Website Design and User Interface
  • Module-9 : E-commerce Content Management System (CMS); Popular CMS Introduction; Website Catalog Management; Product Description and Review
  • Module-10 : Order and Customer Management; Analytics and Report; E-commerce Website Security
  • Module-11 : Payment Method and Gateway; Transaction/Accounts Management; Shipment Method and Delivery System; Privacy Policy, Terms and Condition
  • Module-12 : Creative Content Development; Photography; Graphics in E-commerce; Video and Animation
  • Module-13 : Communication skill inside of company; Communication Skills outside of company; Brand and Branding
  • Module-14 : e-Governance & e-commerce; Offline Marketing (Media & Campaign); Digital Marketing
  • Module-15 : Social Media Marketing; Introduction to Facebook Marketing
  • Module-16 : Facebook page and Ad Management; Insights and Audience; Advance Facebook Marketing
  • Module-17 : Search Engine Optimization- Keywords Research, On page, Off page, Google Ad words
  • Module-18 : Email Marketing; SMS Marketing; E-commerce Revenue Models
  • Module-19 : Customer Services; CRM- Relationships and Returns, Deliveries and Deadlines, Impression and Follow-up; Tips and Tricks- Business Documentation; Promotion and Campaign
  • Module-20 : Retargeting and Remarketing Future Trends; Trust Buildup and Success